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Host: @AntonioDonisiFF | @EricD_FF | @Kenan_716

  • With the NFL draft done we hit another layer in the offseason onion. We break down our draft thoughts, winners/losers and our freshest top 10 rankings. Did Hollywood Brown jump a tier or tumble down to the desert. Which player should be number one off the board, and what position? Could there really be two NYJ players taken first?
  • We bring on a special guest for our special episode as TJ McKinley mocks with the Mafia! @MrTJSavage and the guys do a 12 TM dynasty startup and discuss the latest trade between the Saints/Eagles, 2nd year quarterbacks, super teams & more! Join for the talk, the mock, the laughs and Kenan crying about Duke!
  • What a wild off-season we have had so far! So much has happened that we can't even wait a week to discuss something because by then it's old news. Watson and Brady return, Wilson and Ryan on the move, Adams and Hill get traded?!?!? I am not sure what the next few months have in store but we need to recap all of the moves, here we go!
  • ITS EPISODE 50 WE MADE IT. But really, we are back and what a time to do it. Wilson is traded, Brady has returned, and we haven't even started free agency. We update you on the latest, our thoughts, and who were looking to buy and sell in the dead of the non-points scoring season.
  • PLAYOFFS?!? Whether you're in or trying to get in you need make sure you are still retooling. We discuss players to add/drop that help with all of the injuries and covid issues. We also dig into some potential league winners with great playoff matchups and recap our latest trades with the Mafia Market!
  • The injuries are never ending in this extended season but we must keep moving forward! Check out the latest episode for the matchup previews, start/sits and injury fillers. We also add our latest buys/sells and streams!
  • For all of you normal leagues out there we are halfway through the season! We give our halfVPS, latest buys/sells, starts and streams of the week plus so much more!
  • The ByePHOON is here and you need to stay above water. Join us as we discuss players you need to add, drop or acquire to help you for week 7 and beyond. We also talk about our latest buys/sells, a ransom for King Henry, which random players you're starting, and how to stream your way to a W.
  • After week 5 we recap the top 5 at each position and discuss who we believe can continue to achieve. We also talk about which back up running backs are the ones to have after the latest injuries. The bye weeks are starting as well so its time to stream some players and look for the diamons in the rough.
  • Three weeks in the books and we can finally get a sense of how the rest of the season may play out. We recap some highlights of week 3 and get you ready for week 4. Find out who we are buying and selling for rest of season, which players we think will rebound from their rocky start, and the matchups we are looking forward to the most. We also recap the Rookie QBs and discuss the elite WR problem.
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