Fantasy Outlook- Jalen Hurts

There seems to be this belief that Jalen Hurts was good this past season. I was a huge fan of his in Oklahoma and was excited to see what he can do at the NFL level. After watching his tape from this past season, I came to the conclusion that Jalen Hurts was a bad quarterback.

Now don’t get me wrong, the Eagles offensive line had it’s struggles this past season. One of the reasons why Carson Wentz was benched was because he wasn’t athletic enough to create more time to throw the ball. However, the Eagles offensive line improved once Hurts took over. Hurts averaged the most time to throw the ball with 2.98 seconds out of any quarterback.

Even with a clean pocket Hurts completion percentage was 61.4%. That ranked for 40th in the league with a minimum of 115 clean pocket drop backs.

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The only time Jalen Hurts was effective was on play-action plays. He had a 66.7% completion percentage on play-action and 0 interceptions. On non play-action plays, Hurts had a 48.5% completion percentage and 4 interceptions. He was the only quarterback with less then a 50% completion percentage on non play-action plays and only Jake Luton had a worse PPR.

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Fantasy Outlook-

Jalen Hurts does have a high ceiling. We have seen quarterbacks improve over the years and become franchise quarterbacks, such as Josh Allen. However, I think Hurts has a higher mountain to climb then Josh Allen did.

The Eagles are not giving any favors to Jalen Hurts. Eagles have not done a good job at drafting offensive weapons for their quarterbacks. We are still waiting to see if Jalen Reagor will become a good NFL wide receiver or if he is another bust. The offensive line needs to be improved as well. A lot of holes to fill to help their 2nd year quarterback. Hopefully first year coach Nick Sirianni, the wide receiver whisperer can help his 2nd year quarterback.

If you have Jalen Hurts on your fantasy team you should consider trading him. Especially if you are in a super flax league. With Wentz now in Indianapolis, Hurts value is high now and might never be this high again. Just last week, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie stated he wants the team to build around the second year quaterback. This is a chance for fantasy owners to maximize on their return by trading a average quarterback. Can Jalen Hurts improve this year? Sure, but why take that risk. A few bad games we might be looking at a back-up quarterback withno fantasy value.

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