Here we are, the beginning of the non-point scoring season. As most of us start to prepare for our startup and rookie drafts, I’d like to dive into my top 12 Dynasty players at each position heading into the offseason. To kick it off I’m going to begin with Running Backs followed by Wide Receivers, Quarterbacks and Tight Ends.

1. Christian McCaffrey

There’s really not much to say here, he’s a league winner that just landed a huge contract and is still only 24 years old. Some may worry about the huge workload but his receiving ability will keep him producing at a high level into his late 20’s.

2. Saquon Barkley

I believe he’s young and talented enough to come back better than ever. I expect the Giants to upgrade their offensive line this offseason which should open things up for Barkley and make him threat to be the number 1 overall RB for many years to come.

3. Jonathan Taylor

This is where things get interesting. It took a lot to wrap my head around having him ahead of guys like Dalvin Cook and Alvin Kamara, but I think it’s necessary as he finished 7th overall despite not truly receiving the full workload until week 13. With the amount of available Quarterbacks in this years free agent and draft classes the Colts should be able to replace what Philip Rivers was able to do to keep them competitive and with his size, speed and physicality behind this offensive line, the sky is the limit.

4. Dalvin Cook

Similar to CMC there’s not much to say here. He’s going to be a league winner for at least another 2-3 years which keeps him in the top 5 on my list but the Vikings have an out on his contract after 2022 and I expect them to take it then if not the year after.

5. Alvin Kamara

Coming in as the fantasy communities consensus number 2, he ends up at number 5 on my list mainly due to the unknown at the Quarterback position in New Orleans for the near future. We saw his numbers will clearly dip with Taysom Hill at Quarterback but I think they either resign Winston or bring in another more traditional Quarterback opposed to sticking with Hill which would only be a good thing for Kamara’s numbers. He does turn 26 in July but his talent and receiving ability should keep him producing at a high level for many years to come.

6. Cam Akers

Some might think I’m too high on Akers but I think he’s going to silence all his doubters this season. It took 10 games but he was finally given the workload and proved he deserved it. I fully expect the Rams to upgrade their offensive line this offseason and with Stafford coming to town as well this offense could be lights out. We legitimately could see Akers put up those Todd Gurley numbers we are accustomed to seeing this offense put up.

7. D’Andre Swift

Someone I wish I had more shares of, Swift truly has the potential to explode in 2021. He came in as my number 2 RB in the 2020 class but I started to fade him after being drafted to Detroit which was clearly a mistake. At only 22 years old with his talent and new Coach that believes he can handle 25 touches a game, he could be putting up elite numbers for a very long time.

8. Nick Chubb

As one of the best pure runners in the league and a serious threat for 1500 and double digit touchdowns every year, I couldn’t let him fall any farther. He doesn’t contribute in the receiving game as much as we’d like to see but his talent on the ground and ability to break big plays more than makes up for it. As the clear workhorse making this offense run and Kevin Stefanski at the helm, I expect the Browns to resign Chubb to a longterm contract before the 2021 season begins.

9. Clyde Edwards-Helaire

Clyde didn’t live up to the hype but I believe he can prove himself in 2021. I think the struggles he had in 2020 were a mix of the offense being pass heavy and the limited pre-season preventing him from fully learning the playbook which limited his workload. With half a season learning from Le’Veon Bell and no competition on the roster (no, I don’t think Damien Williams is competition), he’s in line to be the featured back. On top of the potential bump in workload, he is the only RB from this class with a 5th year option and with Travis Kelce getting older I expect Clyde to be even more involved in the offense as the years go on.

10. JK Dobbins

Coming in as my number 1 rookie RB before the NFL draft, he proved he has the talent to dominate at the next level. He was fantastic when given the workload and much like the other rookie RBs I think the limited pre-season prevented him from fully learning the playbook, limiting his workload. I think that was also the main reason we saw Gus Edwards get so much work and if the Ravens put their full trust in Dobbins and give him a Ray Rice type of workload, we could truly see the new overall RB1. The only reason he’s not higher on my list is the possibility they resign Edwards and whether or not they do give Dobbins the full workload.

11. Derrick Henry

Most would disagree with him being this low, but I think this is just right. The potential the others ahead of him have for right now as well as the future outweighs what Henry provides right now. He will help you win your leagues which is why he’s still in my top 12 but will only be helping you for another year maybe two which is why I can’t put him any higher. The Titans have an out on his contract after the 2021 season and I expect them to take it then if not the offseason after if things don’t work out with Ryan Tannehill.

12. Ezekiel Elliott

With a DLF APD of RB13 I’m actually slightly higher than the community on Zeke and could see him going even higher on my list depending how the offseason shakes out in Dallas. I fully expect Dallas to bring Dak back and with him healthy Zeke will dominate. What worries me is having to pay Dak, Michael Gallup (next offseason), needing to upgrade the defense and Tony Pollard showing he can handle the load, I could see Dallas exploring options to get out of this contract before their potential out after the 2022 offseason. Much like Derrick Henry, Zeke will help you win your league but the possibility that it’s only another season maybe two is why I can’t put him any higher at the moment.

If you’ve made it this far I want to thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed. If you’d like to talk to me about this list and read my WR/QB/TE top 12 articles when they come out you can find me @EricD_FF. To find our latest podcasts and articles and to ask us any questions at all you can find us on Twitter @DynastyMafia_FF.

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