Playoffs?! Are you kidding me Playoffs?!

We have made it to week 14 folks! With Covid strong and prevalent in the world hopefully everyone is good and well. This season has had some record setting performances and multiple rookies having monster fantasy football impacts.

The list of QB,RB,WR,TE 1s has been a revolving door. Right now, it is nowhere near what most of us would have thought with examples like Lamar Jackson and Micheal Thomas outside the top 12! Now that most leagues are gearing up for the 3 week playoff push for a championship I wanted to go over the top remaining matchups based on strength of schedule (SOS).

Below is the top 12 SOS for all 4 positional groups using the top 24 ranked players in PPR formats. I will also elaborate on some of these players I think can be sneaky league winners. Hopefully this will help make some of your hardest start/sit decisions as we are all looking to get that hardware!


12. Drew Brees/ Taysom Hill QB23/QB30- NO faces PHI(19th),KC(18th),MIN(17th)

11. Baker Mayfield QB20- CLE faces BAL(24th), NYG(27th),NYJ(3rd) 

10. Patrick Mahomes QB2- KC faces MIA(22nd), NO(30th), ATL(1st)

9. Philip Rivers QB19- IND faces LV(8th), HOU(11th), PIT(32nd

8. Daniel Jones QB24- NYG faces ARI(10th), CLE(7th), BAL(24th

7. Matthew Stafford QB12- DET faces GB(23rd), TEN(5th), TB(12th

6. Ryan Tannehill QB7- TEN faces JAC(4th), DET(9th), GB(23rd

5. Matt Ryan QB14- ATL faces LAC(6th), TB(12th), KC(18th

4. Jared Goff QB15- LAR faces NE(25th), NYJ(3rd), SEA(2nd)

3. Araon Rodgers QB5- GB faces DET(9th), CAR(16th), TEN(5th)

2. Tom Brady QB8- TB faces MIN(17th), ATL(1st), DET(9th)

1. Justin Herbert QB10- LAC ATL(1st), LV(8th), DEN(15th)

Goff is in serious contention to being a true league winner by definition. He has sat outside the QB1 Ranks most of the season. This should not be a reason to be afraid to start him in weeks 15 and 16. He has plenty of weapons around him to have gigantic fantasy production in good matchups. He Faces two of the easiest matchups in week 15 and 16, week 15 he draws the New York Jets who have been very good to QBs this year. They average 291.5 pass/g and 29.4 points per game. This should be a very juicy matchup for Goff owners! In his week 10 matchup against Seattle he kind of underperformed only scoring 11 ppr points, however he still threw for 300 yards. He just did not throw any TDs, so add one or two in week 16 and he can easily be a QB1 that week!

Brady is the GOAT, at age 43 he is still slinging the rock all over the field with authority. His list of weapons is endless in this stacked TB offense from Evans, Godwin, Brown to Gronk. They are all very productive for brady as he spreads the ball to whoever is open, he shows no basis or emphasis to get one player the ball this helps brady stay relevant in the QB1 landscape. He draws Atlanta in week 15 which is the best matchup you could wish for. They average 285.3 pass/g and 25.2 p/g this game being a divisional game it should be hard fought and a shootout. Week 16 He draws another sweet matchup in Detroit who has been almost as easy a matchup as Atlanta has been for QBs. They are averaging 261.7 pass/g and 29.8 p/g. These are sweet numbers for Brady a QB1 who has only been phased by New Orleans, and as an owner you should be smiling ear to ear seeing these matchups.

Running Backs:

12. Alvin Kamara RB1- NO faces PHI(20th), KC(12th), Min(22nd)

11. Mike Davis/ Christian Mccaffrey RB10 /RB40 CAR faces DEN(18th),GB(3rd), WAS(29th)

10. Ronald Jones RB12 TB faces Min(22nd), ATL(27th),DET(1st)

9. JD Mckissic / Antonio Gibson RB24/RB6 WAS faces SF(28th), SEA(10th), CAR(8th)

8. James Conner RB21 PIT faces BUF(15th), CIN(9th), IND(19th)

7. D’Andre Swift/ Adrian Peterson RB23/RB35 DET faces GB(3rd), TEN(6th), TB(30th)

6. Josh Jacobs RB7 LV faces IND(19th), LAC(14th), MIA(16th)

5. Nyheim Hines/Jonathan Taylor RB14/RB16 IND faces LV(4th), HOU(2nd), PIT(31st)

4. Melvin Gordon RB23 DEN faces CAR(8th), BUF(15th), LAC(14th

3. David Montgomery RB11 CHI faces HOU(2nd), MIN(22nd), JAC(5th)

2. Aaron Jones RB5 GB faces DET(1st), CAR(8th), TEN(6th)

1. Derrick Henry RB3 TEN faces JAC(5th), DET(1st), GB(3rd)

McKissic is a player I have been preaching for, over the pass few weeks. Since Alex smith took over he is averaging 9 targets a game, He hasn’t turned that into any crazy yardage production however targets and Receptions are a sneaky way to large point totals in PPR formats. In games where Washington is in or behind in game script he averages over 17 PPR points. Now this was with Gibson in the lineup and he was primarily a 3rd down back. With this injury he should see an increased work load splitting the backfield with Barber. However, if Gibson remains out for the Fantasy playoffs Mckissic could be a High RB2/ low RB1 with a safe floor. Don’t be afraid to start him because he’s not a big name!

Montgomery has faced some hard critics this year however, that bears offense is a disaster this year. The last two weeks Monty has exploded onto the scene, he has looked very good and explosive. He faces the 4th easiest SOS including a juicy matchup in week 14 (HOU 2nd) and week 16 (JAC 5th). Since returning from the concussion and bye week he is averaging 26 FPP/g, in these efforts he racked up 175 rushing yards 2 TDs rushing and 79 receiving yards with 1 TD. He has always had a safe floor as he is the feature in there backfield in Chicago. He will help you finish with a championship in many leagues rolling as a mid-RB1 in the fantasy playoffs.

Wide Recievers: 

12. Terry Mclaurin WR14 WAS faces SF(29th), SEA(1st), CAR(25th)

11. Adam Thielen WR9 MIN faces TB(9th), CHI(26th), NO(16th)

10. Justin Jefferson WR7 MIN faces TB(9th), CHI(26th),NO(16th)

9. Davante Adams WR2 GB faces DET(8th), CAR(25th), TEN(7th)

8. Tyler Boyd WR15 CIN faces DAL(4th), Pit(24th), HOU(10th)

7. Keenan Allen WR4 LAC faces ATL(3rd), LV(12th), DEN(22nd)

6. Tyreek Hill WR1 KC faces MIA(17th), NO(16th), ATL(3rd)

5. AJ Brown WR23 TEN faces JAC(5th), DET(8th), GB(19th)

4. Cooper Kupp WR22 LAR faces NE(18th), NYJ(11th), SEA(1st)

3. Robert Woods WR10 LAR faces NE(18th), NYJ(11th),SEA(1st)

2. Allen Robinson WR11 CHI faces Hou(10th), MIN(2nd), JAC(5th)

1. Mike Evans WR18 TB faces MIN(2nd), ATL(3rd), Det(8th)

Brown is going to be a league winner folks!!! Tennessee faces very favorable matchups for all positions in this years fantasy playoffs. Brown has definitely underperformed expectations for a year we expected him to make a jump. He has started to turn it around after an injury plagued first half of the year. The teams they will face in the playoffs will have to stack the box as they underperform against the run, this will lead to easy coverage on the back end. The play action should be there for the titans for most of the games. This is where Brown and even Davis thrive, I would be starting both receivers in everyweek of the playoffs. They both could explode and win you your leagues championship.

Robinson is the most underrated receiver in the game folks. You hardly here his name when the league’s best get mentioned but he should be. He is a PPR stud and an on the field star, the offense tends to limit his ceiling however. He has quietly had a WR1 season and he would rank higher if the QB play was better in Chicago. The playoffs are very favorable to him in a SOS outlook and he is clearly the WR1 in Chicago where is no competition for targets. He has a safe floor and with these matchups you could see some high ceiling games in week 15 and 16. He is going to win you a championship if you are bold enough to start him.

Tight Ends:

12. Rob Gronkowski TE11 TB faces MIN(18th), ATL(5th), DET(24th)

11. TJ Hockenson TE3 DET faces GB(26th), TEN(8th), TB(12th)

10. Dallas Goedert TE18 PHI faces NO(21st), ARI(27th), DAL(5th)

9. Travis Kelce TE1 KC faces Min(18th), No(21st), ATL(5th)

8. Robert Tonyan TE4 GB faces DET(24th), CAR(11th), TEN(8th)

7. Dalton Schultz TE15 DAL faces CIN(2nd), SF(31st), PHI(9th)

6. Eric Ebron TE6 PIT faces BUF(10th), Cin(2nd), IND(30th)

5. Jared Cook TE20 No faces PHI(9th),KC(13th),MIN(18th)

4. Jimmy Graham TE16 CHI faces HOU(16th), MIN(18th), JAC(6th)

3. Mark Andrews TE5 BAL faces CLE(4th), JAC(6th), NYG(25th)

2. Hayden Hurst TE14 ATL faces LAC(7th), TB(12th), KC(13th)

1. Noah Fant TE13 DEN faces CAR(11th), BUF(10th), LAC(7th)

Kelce is an easy League winner pick for anyone however, I have to pick him here. He is the clear cut TE1 in all formats and it is no contest.He should be started in every week of the playoffs. However, if you make it to the championship weekend he will reward you with a smash week. Facing Atlanta who is not good against TEs he should shred them and easily give you a high upside type game in your league’s championship weekend. The chief’s players will be league winners all over leagues this year.

Hurst could be a dark horse league winner for this season. He has disappointed the last two weeks but until then he was having a very quiet TE1 season. With his fall off, he has fallen into TE2 territory but if his targets could increase as Atlanta faces some tough WR matchups. He could sneakily slide into a TE1 in all weeks of the playoffs. He faces the 2nd easiest SOS of any TE, with his proven production earlier this season. Hopefully Ryan can turn it around and they will most likely be playing from behind in all the matchups. He also tends to be TD dependent to have a huge boom game so there is risk with him this year. I have faith he will help win you a championship this year.

In a year that has been full of Fantasy and real-world chaos we are about to embark on a rollercoaster of emotion in this year’s playoffs. These are just some of the matchups that we are going to have to decide from this year. Hopefully this information in this article can help everyone make educated start/sit decisions. Hopefully this will lead us all to Championships this year! Stay safe everyone and remember its all for fun, who am I kidding its all about winning of course we must WIN! 

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